european adventures


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Remember how I said my trips just keep getting better and better? Well, this past weekend in Barcelona was no exception and I’m so glad I saved the best for last! This last weekend was our final free weekend to travel and I think it’s safe to say I made the most of it by taking a trip to Spain.  I think what makes this trip stand out from all the others is the difference in culture.  This trip felt like a true study abroad experience by being in a place where you didn’t speak the dialect, didn’t look like anyone else and felt a bit like an outsider.  In many of the places we’ve traveled, as long as you keep your mouth shut, no one will know you’re an American.  I felt like this weekend I had American written in Sharpie on my forehead everywhere we went.  It was also similar to my trip to Milan, in that pointing and gesturing were most helpful in communicating because of the language barrier.  Barcelona was hands down the most beautiful city I’ve experienced this semester.  The architecture & vibrant colors splashed throughout the city were unbelievable and was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  All of the places I’ve traveled to this semester have been extraordinary, but they start to look a lot alike.  Spain, on the other hand, was not like anywhere I’ve ever been & I’m so glad I had the opportunity to experience the wonderful city of Barcelona!


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