european adventures

variety show.

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A taste of this evening’s Harlaxton “Variety Show” & of course a video of the faculty’s MAAAAAHVALOUS performance!


Came to England for some fun
Settled in at Harlaxton
British Studies starts at dawn
The Greg’s not far away

Harlaxton has got some bells
When they’ll ring no one can tell
We’ll sleep through it, what the hell!
Harlaxton’s our home

We won’t run the naked mile
Fat and flab are not in style
For the locals we would rile
Harlaxton’s their home

Ziggy leaves at ten past two,
Put your books down, use the loo—
Grantham’s where your dreams come true!
Harlaxton’s our home

Chicken curry, beans and rice,
Eat potatoes each day twice,
Sunday brunch we roll the dice!
Harlaxton’s our home

British Studies make it so
I’ll learn till it’s all I know
Inch by inch and row by row
Harlaxton’s our home

Count your blessings, thank your peers!
Thanks the UK malts and beers,
Raise your glasses, all say “Cheers!”
Harlaxton’s our home!

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