european adventures

lincoln field trip.

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Yesterday we set off to Lincoln for our first British Studies field trip.  (Everyone from the college went, so we filled up four coaches to get there!)  The trip was divided up into four sections we had to see: the Lincoln Cathedral, a Roman walk, Lincoln Castle, and a self guided tour.  We were split up into groups alphabetically so it was also a nice opportunity to branch out a bit and hang out with new friends for the day! Lincoln is truly a beautiful, historic city with a lot of character.  With Roman remains and Norman architecture, Lincoln was even more picturesque than I could have imagined. It also wasn’t so bad having class outside of the lecture hall for a change! (Despite the bitter cold temperatures, it was a lovely day!)

P.S. – Marston’s is a pub company in England & Wales, and in honor of my momma’s maiden name, which is also my middle name, I had to take pictures of the signs!

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