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This past weekend, January 27-29th, I traveled with the school to Edinburgh, Scotland.  (You could easy travel to Scotland by yourself, but I find it much easier to pay the school to take care of the transportation, hotel and travel schedule for me!)  On the school trip you are able to stop at the Scottish/English borders, which was an amazing view! After arriving in Edinburgh by coach, we settled into our room at the Royal British Hotel, which was a really nice place to stay with a perfect location in the middle of town. The remainder of Friday and all of Saturday were spent exploring the town. On Sunday morning we headed out to view Hadrian’s Wall for an hour along the way back. Our next stop was Durham, where we saw the cathedral & ate lunch before driving the rest of the way back to the manor.  Now for a list of things about Scotland:

  • The Scottish Whiskey Experience houses the largest collection of whiskey you’ll ever see in your life.
  • If you’re really hungry and desperate, you’ll eat Scotland’s version of Mexican food, which is still a little bit of a mystery to me.
  • I’m not exaggerating when I say the whole town honestly smells like whiskey to me.  There is definitely a different air in Edinburgh, and that air is one that’s been scented from the multiple distilleries in Scotland.
  • I’m also being honest when I say that you can almost always hear bagpipes being played somewhere.  It’s not just a stereotype, people actually do wear plaid outfits in public and play the bagpipe…it’s so nice!
  • It’s a super easy town to navigate and it’s not too big where you can’t walk everywhere you need to go.  (I love that it’s much smaller than London!)
  •  The Elephant House is a café where JK Rowling began writing Harry Potter and it is one of the coziest, happiest and most inviting places I’ve ever eaten. (So many HP nerds in one room!)
  • Beautiful architecture and nature are all around you everywhere you go, it’s a lovely city.

Overall, it was a great weekend; we saw a lot of great places and made a lot of new memories.  Traveling to Scotland was a definite success!

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