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small town livin’.

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After spending last weekend in London, it was really nice to take a couple trips to smaller towns this week.  On Wednesday, the Honors students took a trip to Stamford, a perfectly quaint town about 45 minutes away from our home in Grantham.  (We rode there on a double-decker bus which is always guarantees a thrilling trip!)  We spent the afternoon roaming around the town and enjoying a few hours away from the manor.  There wasn’t really an educational purpose specifically; just a relaxing afternoon spent exploring a new area with a lot of history.  My seminar professor, Dr. Green, described Stamford as a “pretty-little-town” and I think that depiction portrays the town perfectly.

This weekend, a big group of us took off after class on Friday and headed for Nottingham.  (A nearby town, about 45 minutes by train.)  We went to see an orchestra concert for our music class to get credit for an assignment. We all bought seats in the very top row since that was obviously the cheapest place to sit. (We’ll get 75 points just for going..well worth the cost!) Our trip to Nottingham also consisted of our first stay in a hostel, which was surprisingly decent.  Admittedly, I was semi-nervous about the conditions of where we would be staying…but it was definitely a good experience! (Clean bedding, hot shower, and a tidy little room. I’m much more optimistic about hostels now.) Nottingham also has lots of good shopping.  It’s the place to go if you need to make a trip out for some new clothes!

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