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Choosing pictures to post from this past weekend in London has presented itself as a challenge. (I shot way over 1,000 pictures, kept 982… I’m still trying to get rid of a ton of them.  I’ll only post my top 25, which was tough!) I’m better at writing things in lists, so here it goes.

five of my favorite things from this weekend:

  1. Playing in parks was the best.  This summer when I was in London I felt like I saw a ton of stuff, but we definitely missed most of the Royal parks.  They are my favorite now… I could have stayed and hung out there all day. (It’s such a nice escape from the city.)
  2. Also, in the parks there were some of the fattest and friendliest squirrels you will ever meet.  Seriously, they act like they are dogs & come up to your feet and beg for food. It’s crazy.
  3. I had also never been to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, which was by far, one of the prettiest places in all of London.  We went at night when it was all lit up, right after the sun had set and it was perfect.
  4. We only rode on a double-decker bus once, and it was only for a few minutes at that, but it was one wild ride.  We rode in the front rows on top for a good view and that’s exactly what we got.  Also, there were more times than I can count when I thought we would smash into the people walking in front of us, or the car in front at a stop light.  (They literally stop two inches away & it’s super terrifying.)
  5. After leaving London we went to Hampton Court Palace for a few hours.  (It was beautiful!) I’m also really intrigued by Henry VIII and his wives, so it was really interesting to see his palace and learn more about his interesting life and the women he married.


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