european adventures

saturday & sunday

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Saturday, January 7th:

  • On Saturday morning we had our “Convocation Exordium” (aka Opening Convocation) in the Long Gallery.  Complete with Billy the bagpipe player and the faculty in dress robes. (Fancy!)
  • Later in the afternoon we had coaches that took us into Grantham so that we could go grocery shopping and get everything we couldn’t fit into our suitcases.  We explored Poundland (where everything is one pound!) and ASDA.  (Think of them as The Dollar Store & Walmart.)
  • In the evening we had to put on our “smart dress” and get fancy for the Principal’s Reception and High Table Dinner.  (It was “A nice dinner together, as in the ancient universities of Britain.”)
  • We were randomly assigned to different tables to get to know new people over dinner. (The meal consisted of chicken, potatoes, vegetables, bread, cake and, of course, red and white wine.)
  • After dinner a large group of us went out to the pub in Grantham called “The Goose” which was a really great time and a fun way to experience local culture.

Sunday, January 8th:

  • This morning a group of the WKU students all walked together to Harlaxton Village to attend the Harlaxton Village Church for a welcoming service.  (Of course we also stayed after the service for tea and biscuits!)
  • This afternoon we finally had some down time, so I took a much-needed nap for a few hours to try to catch up!
  • Later tonight we also had a travel seminar, which was a bit overwhelming, but definitely gave everyone a lot of ideas and reasons to start planning many trips!
  • We all went to the computer lab to print our syllabi for our classes that start tomorrow…bright & early at 8:30…(How lovely!)

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